Celebrating new life….

The forty days of Lent were quite an experience. And celebrating Easter this year – wow! So different from I’ve ever experienced. Some of the basic things I’ve learned (yes I’m blogging late!)

  • I had decided to give up sweets and sugar. In doing this, I realized how often it’s become my “go to” snack. Hmmm, if I do this with sweets and can see how it quickly meets a want but not a need, how often do I do this with other things? What are my “go to’s” in other areas?
  • Forty days are a long time! Having to turn down invitations for desserts was an interesting experience….not the first time. Someone even suggested I skip just one day….I struggled enough with setting my boundaries for what I was giving up and wanting to visit the new Menchies by work was hard!
  • We often don’t participate in the waiting and hoping for a resurrection. I’ve always celebrated Easter on Sunday, never paid attention to Maundy-Thursday (only learned about it a couple of years ago) or really thought about Good Friday. Ever thought about why Friday is “Good” if it’s the day Christ died?

I celebrated Maundy-Thursday by watching my church in Tampa celebrate the Seder meal or Passover. Wow! The implications that you see, especially when you’ve been aware of Christ’s upcoming death for the past 40-ish days. I think everyone should have the opportunity to listen and ponder how it points to a Savior.

Good Friday I spent at a co-worker’s Lutheran church where they did something similar to stations of the cross. We had the Lord’s Supper and then went our own ways to visit different places to reflect on

  • Intercessory prayer for others
  • Prayer for ourselves
  • Foot washing
  • Nailing our sins to the cross
  • Praying for the world
  • A short drama told from the point of view of Christ Followers

The hardest part for me on that Friday? We ended by going through Christ’s crucifixion and blowing out candles until it was dark and He died. And then we left in silence…..wait?!!?! No Resurrection? Where’s the Hope? Oh…..this is how the disciples felt. W.O.W! “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a-comin’!”

Sunday arrived with great expectation. Aleluya! He is Risen!!! To celebrate my Savior’s resurrection and the eternal life and hope He gave me, all through Him paying my debt. I did nothing to deserve that grace and gift and I can do NOTHING to earn it, just accept it and live my life for Him. May I be so earnest in my love to follow Him and bring Him the glory, honor, and praise!

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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