Mexico – Church and Kids

Each evening we traveled to a different church where Pastor Ed preached (with Moses interpreting) and we often worked with the children. Usually someone else shared their testimony as well. Working with the kids mean hanging out and guessing at what was being said for most of the team. A couple new a little Spanish or some words and some didn’t know anything! We were quite the mix so either I translated or if Alonso was there he’d translate.

Pastor Ed introducing Riley and I when we’re going to share our testimonies

I did it all in Spanish so nobody on the team understood…. 🙂

With Pastor Jorge and his wife, Anita

After service, we’d pray for those who wanted prayer. Sometimes I prayed by myself with someone, at this small home church I translated the request for the girls so we could all pray

Usually Moses or Samuel translated for Pastor Ed and the rest of the team prayed together

We played games, told stories, shared the Gospel through a flip book or colors (black, red, blue, white, green), and of course – made balloon animals! The reason why I have so few pictures and I know little of what happened during these times is because once Riley and I pulled out the balloons, we didn’t stop until we left!

Sharing with the kids in a tiny room

I learned to make a butterfly!

Besides translating for the kids, I’d often teach the team Spanish. Here George is doing his version of “come” – which looked like a withered octopus!

Kylie face painting

Bob learned how to make a balloon sword – the essential balloon for all the boys!

Balloons (Riley, George, and I) and face painting (by Nikki, Mia, and Kylie)

….especially since it meant chasing Mia! (and Kylie, and George, and….)

Chatting with Cristian (blue shirt) while waiting for everyone to come

The story of the house built on the Rock

This is at the church we painted – easily 100+ kids came!

One day we just went to a community that was probably at least half an hour from Tizimin that was called Socopo. We spent time playing with the kids there as well. Here a local also helped me twist balloons as well as Manuel (He works with Mr. Bill). I was asked to leave my pump and some balloons so they could keep making them and was told that I’d “see them that night at church.” It was the first day we did stuff with kids and I wasn’t about to loose one of our two pumps that early! It’s sometimes hard when you know about cultures and someone who doesn’t seem to know as much is asking you to do something. Thankfully we held on to them as I didn’t see the guy again.

Bob brought chalk to draw with the kids

Joanne had found Christian tattoos that the kids enjoyed

Riley was a life saver and was my main balloon twister pal (I think all the guys learned how to make at least one balloon, to give them credit and thanks)

Several times the churches fed us as the usual dinner hour was at 9 p.m. We, of course, had already eaten dinner but we loved their hospitality and it was fun watching everyone eat again with graciousness.


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  1. bodhi68777 says:

    Great recap! Feel like I was there 😉

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