Mexico – Reason and Daily Life

Our church, The Crossing Church – Celebration Campus (soon to be illuminate church), traveled to Tizimin, Mexico the second to last week of June for a week mission trip. We were a team of 10, pretty much all strangers to me, that were going to serve the Dream Center International missionary, Bill Craver, who had a base there. I wasn’t exactly sure of all we were going to do, never having gone on a short-term/1 week mission trip before. But I went with the expectation of getting to know my team, serve, and build relationships. And we did just that!

To give you an idea of what each day was like, I’ve broken it up a little and added pictures.

We flew out on Saturday morning and got to the airport in plenty of time so we read books, some got breakfast and we waited. We had a direct flight and then were picked up and drove to the center – about 2 or 3 hours.

Checking in 10 people

 We started the morning with Personal Devotions and then a devotion by Mr. Bill or Pastor Scott.

Study time!

 We walked to the market for breakfast most mornings and ate tacos, saulbites, flautas and had watermelon to drink.

Walking to the Market

Saulbites, Tacos, and Watermelon juice!

A quick view of the market…similar to Peruvian markets

…well….I never saw a pig head in a Peruvian market, at least that I can recall! 🙂

Monday to Wednesday we painted. Thursday we rested – thank you Jesus! Friday we had our tourist day.


This is how I felt on Thursday morning – fried brain anyone?

Lunch was PB&J!


In the afternoons we paint or passed out flyers in neighborhoods to let them know of the events at the local churches.

Passing out flyers and attracting a crowd of kids

The kids offered me a ride – on a bike with no brakes and a seat that moved 🙂

We met one of the mayoral candidates on one of our walks…. (elections were the Sunday after we left)

…his son asked us to come in and pray for him (he was friends with Moses and Manuel (in the previous picture)). I translated from Spanish to English as Moses said it was easier for him to translate from English to Spanish!

Evening Dinner was usually at the Center. Marisol and her mom cooked amazingly delicious meals. Mexican food is nothing like Tex-Mex in case you’re wondering!

Pulled beef or pork with soup, watermelon, and cantaloupe drink

Church was a daily event. At least once each day we were there we were at a church where Pastor Ed preached, someone shared their testimony, and usually we worked with kids. We often had to take two cars to get us there and so one would be a taxi. The first time I had the intuition to suggest I go along as a Spanish speaker. Good thing as the taxi driver got lost and I could tell him what to do! After that I always went in the taxi or else someone else who spoke Spanish did.

The second lost taxi 🙂

Some days we just squeezed 10 people into the surburban 🙂

Bed! We had 7 women in one room with bunk beds and air mattresses and two showers and one toilet. I chose the shower with the lower water pressure since most didn’t want to use it and it meant I could shower whenever I wanted….and in the heat I showered often! We did have two good bye parties – one, we sent Alsonso out to buy ice cream and cookies. The other, Eduardo made pizza for us that was delicious.

I slept on top since I figured it would give more space for us to store our bags…

Ice Cream and cookies night! I have no idea what the teens are doing….

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I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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