Mexico – the Team

When we first all came together, I really didn’t know anyone well and some not at all. I was impressed and blessed by how we all came together in unity and worked well together and enjoyed serving and laughing together.

with Mr. Bill and Pastor Scott

Ps. Ed – One of our leaders. His heart for people was revealed, as well as his humor! His love for his family was evident and walked out. A great example of what a man and dad should be!

Moses, Ps. Ed, and Samuel (his translators)

Bob – For the “grande gringo” this was his first missions trip but you wouldn’t know it. He served in many ways, made friends quickly, and patiently held the ladder for me as I climbed to the top of the church (trust!) instead of painting.

Bob with kids from Socopo

George – He kept an eye out on the teens, enjoyed hanging out with them, and has a caring heart. The Office moments/quotes were abundant. He became our leader during kids moments and he shined.

he had a tendency to make us laugh

Joanne – George’s mom who has a heart for sharing and wanting truth to be known. She desired to communicate and build relationships but lacked knowledge of Spanish but I do truly believe she touched many hearts. Her shoe also fell apart. 🙂

“tattooing” kids 🙂

Peggy – Kylie’s mom and one of our fearless leaders. This was her second trip to the area so she helped us all adjust and clued us in to what was happening. She joyfully carried on conversations with her “poquito” of Spanish and had some neat moments with the kids. 🙂

Kylie – Peggy’s daughter and one of the “tres amigas.” She had just recovered from a car accident but stayed strong and came. She survived balloon sword attacks, face painted and worked on increasing her knowledge of Spanish.

chasing Kylie

Nikki – My hometown girl, and also one of the “tres amigas.” Being from the Tampa area and not Orlando meant she had to get to know a lot of us. It was fun watching as her Spanish studies in school started coming together even more as she was able to practice speaking.

Mia – “Pero no es tuya” as I joked with one little boy who seemed to like her. 🙂 She was the third “amiga.” It was fun watching as some of the little girls clung to her and made her their friend.

Riley – Pastor Ed’s daughter. For being on her first trip, plane ride, etc, you never would have known it by her actions and confidence. She boldly shared the Gospel flip book, was my partner in balloon making (a life saver!), and a calm and encouraging soul. I love her heart!

Alonso – Nikkie, Kylie, and Peggy had met him last year on the mission trip. This year he came around again, but as our translator. He and I tag teamed in some instances when working with the kids and it was fun getting to know him. It was also neat to see his heart for the people. He didn’t just sit and watch us work but actively participated and said “How can I sit by and watch when you’re here serving my people?”

Alonso and the gals

Maria José – Alonso’s sister, she was our other translator and joined us in the mornings to help us get our breakfasts at the market. She also spent time with us painting and joined the “white freckled club” of painters. 🙂

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I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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