Mexico – Tourist

Thursday and Friday morning we had a little down time and I so needed it! Yes, there was physical work, heat that exhausted you and made you sweat through a set of clothes a day (TMI?), but I was “on duty” as translator and that becomes exhausting mentally as you constantly switch between two languages.

So Thursday we went downtown for “lunch” which consisted of guacamole and chips. The funny part is because I ordered in Spanish for all of us, the waiter brought the bill to me and as everyone handed me money I tried to calculate how much extra we had from the bill, how much the tip was, and then subtract our extra from the tip – all in my head. I DON’T do math in my head. I guessed and Pastor Ed corrected me and said he’d do the math if I’d do the translating – to each his gift!

Guacamole, yum!

Introduced the team to apple soda – a favorite of mine from Mexico 🙂

Friday we went to Ek Balaam which is an ancient Mayan ruin. Chintza Itza is the famous one you might think of, but this was lesser known and maybe less crowded but still busy. We had fun exploring, climbing, and feeding dogs.

Ek Balaam in Maya means Jaguar Man if I’m correct

Walking in

The first structure you reach is this one…

…I decided to try to play Samson

We climbed….

…we helped hold each other up…not really, but fun pose..

…climbed between structures…

…took fun pictures….”Live long and prosper!”

…read about Ek Balaam in 3 languages…actually, only two. I only know “Bish Abél” in Maya – How are you? “Ma’ aló” is “well”

We fed and watered the dogs

self portrait!

We climbed up…

…saw the “door to hell” (according to the girls who had visited last year)…

…saw some hieroglyphs…

…saw the top and the view…

…took some pictures…Mia, Nikki, Kylie

…surveyed the land…

…laughed some…

…Moses Jr. and Bob lost their heads…

…took a team photo…

Peggy, Mia, George, Riley, Me, Nikki, Kylie, Bob, Moses, Ps. Ed (missing Joanne)

…we climbed down to “Harry, it’s so scary…”

The little rooms around the pyramids were actually where the people stayed and made me marvel at how small their rooms were. Yes, probably substance farmers and spent most time outside working but still, it was a good reminder of how much stuff we have and think we need.

the rooms

the bed was a little small for Bob

plus, there were already residents…

After the exploration was completed, we ate our usual PB&J lunch and did a little shopping. I was the last one done as I kept getting called to ask the Mayan guys how much something was. But what was cool was that they were speaking Maya to each other!

It took me the longest to buy gifts as I kept helping others ask about what they wanted to buy 🙂

ancient Mayan dress?

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I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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