Mexico – Translating

One evening I spent probably 2 hours translating for a young man who wanted counsel from Pastor Ed. That was an intense conversation! I had made friends with Gabby, Eduardo’s wife, and we were chatting when he asked me to come over for a minute as there was something he wanted to ask Pastor Ed. Thankfully Gabby came and supported me as it would have been just me and all the guys (Ps. Ed, Bob, George, and Eduardo). I won’t share all we talked about but it was interesting being the middle person and trying to communicate the person’s heart back and forth when sometimes there are words that you don’t understand or what they say makes sense but you don’t know how to translate it.

Gabby and Adrian

The only picture of Eduardo is of him carrying Bob. He’s a wrestler and for being small is pretty strong!

A fun translation time was translating for Riley as she told the Salvation message through a little flip book. She did an excellent job! This was her first trip in a plane, overseas, or on a mission trip. I enjoyed hanging out with her and watching her maturity and interaction with kids as well as her and her dad’s interactions. I love seeing healthy, beautiful relationships!

Translating for Riley

Translating the dinner menu for Joanne

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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