I watched as He started to move my way. For so long I’d watched as He’d been fishing and catching others, but now He was looking at me! And so my summer began as He pulled out different lures and bobbers and tested His line.

A couple of times I thought I had caught the right one or it landed close. Relationship? Move to an apartment? Get a degree? I tried to guess at which one I was supposed to bite, some I did bite and they were good but He let me go again. I kept waiting through summer and fall for the right one.

I swam circles in excitement as I saw a bobber I’d always wanted Him to use – a trip to Urbana. He chose it, He chose it for me! Nine years of waiting finally paid off, I wasn’t going to waste it! So I prepared myself to serve and to ask what was I supposed to learn.

*Plunk!* The bobber fell and I was so excited to see it I didn’t notice the lure. Then it caught my attention – “Sign Languages” and a girl named “B.” Curious, I asked her about her story and listened as she described me…wait, her…wait, me…Kinesthetic, – check! Homeschooled – check! Sign language – umm…wait, that’s how I memorized Scripture; that’s how I taught character qualities to kids. Tell me more! And so I nibbled at the bait as I listened.

Then came the bigger bite. “B” and I chatted about possibilities and ideas and I felt life come back into me. Wow, I didn’t know that had been missing. Excitement started stirring as I heard about the need for administrative help, locations to serve…wow, wow, wow!

But I don’t know American Sign Language (ASL) and that’s usually required. Possibly I could learn by immersion, but I looked up classes anyway. I felt Him tugging on the line and softly calling.

So I looked at the partner organization – interesting. And then *BAM!* *TUG!* “They use chronological Bible storytelling?!?” I about choked as I tried to swallow everything at once. You mean, my experience in storytelling and my passion for it can be used again but in a very unique way? And so I’m caught, waiting for the Fisherman to reel me in or let me go.

There’s some excited nervousness as I wait and realize what this means. I’m waiting for the line to go “zzzzzzzzipping” in. As I’m waiting my tail is wagging with excitement….wait, when did I go from fish to dog?

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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