Someone is watching over me

I found the flight I wanted into Nairobi, but it got in around 3:40am – not the best time to ask your boss to meet you and pick you up! B was ok with it if need be but asked if I could do the 6am flight instead. Checking prices, the first flight saved me a couple hundred dollars so I stuck with the 3:40am flight.

Leaving Romania around 8am, I ended up at the Budapest airport two hours before I could check in so I found a spot and read. Just before the two-hour pre-board check-in time I walked over to read the sign and noticed that a portion of the area was roped off and the police were checking something out and had a German Shepherd sniffing around. Hmm, thankfully it appeared to be nothing as they cleared the area and opened the check-in counters again.

I flew through Cairo with no problem, despite the unrest in the country. Sadly, no glimpse of the pyramids but still fun looking out the window!

Arriving into Nairobi, I broke away from the crowd and found the empty immigration area (there are two areas) and was the first in line with others following my cue. Breezing through I went to wait for my bags and made it out sometime after 4 am. B and Dani were waiting for me with Sammy and we made the dark drive to the DOOR center. It’s by the game part but it was too dark to see any animals. (I currently hear what I think might be a zebra…reminds me a little of the donkeys in the Andes.)

B let me crash on her bed until we could pick up the key to my room so I slept from around 5:30-9am. When I woke up, I wandered with fuzzy head into the kitchen where B announced that the Nairobi airport burnt down after we left. Honestly, I was too fuzzy to detect if it was true or she was teasing and had to ask again. I mean, seriously, an hour after we left?

She showed me the pictures and the area where they had waited for me was charred ruins. Apparently the fire started in the immigration area and the whole airport was shut down. Wow. If I had chosen the later flight I would have probably been rerouted. Most likely to the other Kenya airport but that’s an 8 hour bus ride away!

Yet again, I was reminded how much God keeps an eye out on me. In South America it was staying alive in the midst of the earthquake. Here, it was making sure I got to my friends and arrived with no problems after traveling for nearly 24 hours! Blessed to have a Father who loves me so much!

News Video of Fire and News Article with Pictures

I’ve spent the day resting, meeting my intern team as well as the Deaf teams. I’m really going to enjoy getting to know everyone more and learning more sign language!

Oh, and my sign name changed…Dad, you’d be happy to know it’s an “L” by the side of the mouth “because you’re always smiling.” 🙂 (I was secretly wondering if that would happen and kinda hoped.)

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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5 Responses to Someone is watching over me

  1. Lorrie Wittig says:

    I’m convinced you made your dad cry.

  2. Amy says:

    Wow! So glad you are safely there and you can see God’s clear hand of protection on you. He has great things instore for you my friend!!!

  3. Tracy says:

    Woohoo…what a story. Praise God you were on that early flight and all is well. Pray to God for all those stranded.

  4. Pete says:

    so thankful for your safe and timely arrival at NBO before the fire!

  5. Lynne Whitmore says:

    Lisa, that is quite a story. What a neat testimony to how God watches over you!!

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