Rewards and reflections

Those birthday rewards that pile into your inbox during your birth month – you know what I refer to? Starbucks, Melting Pot, Menchies, and other places where you can get birthday freebies.


I suppose if I lived in the grand ol’ US of A they wouldn’t be, but sitting here in Ethiopia I can only salivate and dream. While I can substitute Starbucks with an amazing Ethiopian macchiato for less than $.50, the others are much harder. Chocolate covered strawberries? Hello amoebas even though they were cleaned (and are now mushy).  Menchies? Well, I have found a frozen yogurt place but it’s US priced and an hour out of the way.

While those I am happy to trade in to be obediently following the Shepherd, what I do miss is the time with friends.

I’d love to sit down with Palkie’s Place for a nice cup of tea and a lovely chat (while trying some of her yummy looking creations).

While I’d probably freeze my backside off, I’d love to watch the lovely and talented Laura Bray perform and find a cozy place to chat afterwards.

Or hop into the Celebration library and steal away my favorite librarian and go do something creative….while trying to stay out of trouble. Ha! We’d definitely have to include our lively red-headed friend for extra laughs!

Or swing dance the night away with Brian and Elizabeth.

Enjoy a classic movie night with the Lisa Sandwich again.

Spend a long night chatting with a lovely lady and her South African man.

Truly dreaming is climbing or surfing in Hawaii with my lil’ sis and her guy. (Or maybe a jump from a plane?)

Sit and listen to my older sis play the piano and catch up.

Or play with my parent’s pup and have them show me their proud little garden.

Be overrun with my nieces and nephew and chat with my sister-in-law, while my brother listens as usual. 🙂

Finally see my second sobrino and stay up all night chatting with my amigocha. Although, I think we’ve passed the “hasta las seis de la mañana me amenesco!”

There are friends who are closer, yet still so far away. Romania, Madagascar, Kenya….and those even farther in the Philippines who I’d love to catch up with.

Sit down in person to hear my pastor preach instead of on a podcast from illuminate church would be just as amazing. I’d get to see so many of my friends there as well.

Catch up with Matt as we seem to be traveling parallel paths while on different continents.

Hmmm, a Dagwood sandwich while chatting with my Roomie.

So many more people I’d love to just hang out with in person. Many of my friends I’ve still been able to stay in touch with through emails, video calls, and texts. For now, that has to satisfy this girl’s heart that longs for deep relationships.

So, when your birthday comes around this year enjoy it for me. Take the time to spend with your friends and family. Relish that amazing ice cream or yummy cake. And praise God for another year lived and this next year seek to live it as He desires and with joyful expectation of the wonders He will do.

Oh, and send a note to that friend who’s far away. 😉

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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3 Responses to Rewards and reflections

  1. James says:

    You are living your dream, and have experiences that most only think about, not take the plunge and do. You have made friends all over the world, and influenced hearts and minds wherever you have gone. Even your hard hearted heathen uncle, occasionally. 😉

  2. Sue Schluender says:

    Happy, happy birthday to one spirit-filled, wonderful niece!!!

  3. Elaine Bell says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Thanks for your sweet post card and for sharing in real ways about your birthday and traveling through the dessert with the Maker of Heaven and Earth. I have appreciated the thoughtful ways you’ve communicated God’s faithfulness to you while including some of the things you miss and encouraging others to embrace life…even as you are doing.

    We love hearing from you… are so proud of the ways you are following hard after the Lord and as you absorb His love sharing it with others. It seems like that should be easy and fun…but often not so…more so sometimes in the looking back part!

    I was reading in Luke 1 today and was struck that as Gabriel spoke to Zechariah about the baby God was giving to him and Elizabeth, He reminded the father that this was for their joy but also for the Lord’s. You have given those who know you great joy as well, Lisa. But more than all that combined you are giving the Father joy as you embrace the part He has designed for you to play in His redemptive drama for mankind. May you be keenly aware of His smile and delight in you each day…even the ones following your birthday.

    I’m sure you know what’s going on with our family from Face Book. We are well. Mike’s 70th birthday is the end of this month and all are gathering for a special celebration and time together. Most of the family will meet Rowan for the first time, too. One thing we plan to do is to watch the video Josh Burgin made from Mike’s 50th birthday party. I’m thinking you and your family will be in that! Where have the years gone???? What sweet memories of times at Covenant…and how the Lord used that foundation in each of our lives to build on as He has unfolded the plans He had for us from before the beginning of time!

    Many prayers and much love, Dear One. We are so proud of the ways you are soaking up the love of your Heavenly Father and then letting it spill out on those around you in every increasing measure. Job well done!


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