ReBlogged: more about modesty and women

Well said Nate Pyle! When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence

And for those who enjoy satire, here is Micah Murray’s take: What I wish women knew about men

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1 Response to ReBlogged: more about modesty and women

  1. Lisa, I really liked Nate Pyle’s blog on this topic. I preached on a similar topic last Sunday at our church here in Romania. I talked about how God intended the relationship between men and women to be and what happened after Sin. However, I said that just as we all are to avoid going around murdering and robbing people, lying and cheating, men need to fight against the sin of treating women as objects. It is wrong and unlike some pastors teach it should be resisted as sin, our sin and not foisted off on women. If people are rich does that justify stealing from them or to judge them for being rich.

    There is one statement made by Nate Pyle which I would modify. He says, “Everyone knows that objectification of women by men is a problem.” I would change the statement into, “Everyone knows that objectification of women is a problem.” In church I got some strange looks from my interpreter when I told them about a study which indicated the three areas of a woman’s body which a man looks at first. I got a even stranger reaction when I said it was interesting that the same study showed that women looked at the same three areas in the same order. I said that it was not sexual for the women it was judging, measuring the other woman against the culture’s ideal body shape which is judged to be “beauty”. I was told that the topic of my sermon was not normally discussed in Romanian churches but with this last comment I got a lot of agreement from the young women. Unfortunately, objectifying women is a challenge for both genders.

    I actually preferred Micah Murray’s other non-satirical post on the same topic –

    (I apologise for writing a reply longer than your original post 🙂 )

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