Most of my news information from the US comes from my Facebook feed. It tells me who’s playing (and winning/losing) in sports, what the weather is like, and about social issues. It’s a weird, disconnected way to stay connected to my home country.

That, my readers, is often the extent of my information as getting access to news sites and videos when one lives overseas and has very limited internet is challenging. And to be honest? Sometimes it hurts too much to dig into the facts because your life is so “grey” colored that lines don’t exist in your life and you can only find one side or the other.

As I watch my news feed blow up with comments about what is happening in Ferguson and my friends’ reactions, my heart hurts and my head is confused. Why? I don’t have the facts to know what truly happened; I know that racism still is a big issue; I know that when we attack each other we become defensive and loose compassion.

Add to all that, I tend to see life differently. Usually in meetings I am the one who tends to see what others don’t see; to point out when they’re missing a point in what they’re saying. When Florida had the Zimmerman case, there was a big “brouhaha” as well. Again, I was in the middle seeing what others weren’t seeing because of their hurt, anger, and hate.

Again, I stand in the middle of opinions and weep. I weep at the anger and violence that have come, instead of striving for peace and understanding and justice in the midst of pain. I imagine the anguish of having both lost and having taken the life of a precious human being. I grieve because sides have been drawn, stereotypes brought up, and people and living in unity is ignored.

I have friends who are police officers, who put their lines on the line every day for our sake, who know what it is like when put in challenging situations as this. I have friends whose skin color is not as light as mine who face prejudices and challenges every day because of what we’ve been taught.

Add to this, I live in a world where I am the one who stands out, who pays the higher price because of who I am, where harassment rules because of my skin color and gender – an insight into an everyday world for some people.

So, as I stand in the middle and see not color, not culture, not stereotypes but people – I ask myself “How do we heal?” There is only one Healer who gives us the courage to stand up for truth in peace. And it is there I start to find a beginning.

How about instead of judging people on personality and outside qualities, we start teaching principles to our children. We start with character and the heart. We start with seeing people and the value of people (from before birth to the time of death). We teach to respect culture and to live in harmony. Let’s teach good work ethic and the satisfaction of giving your best.

Perhaps if we did not see and treat people based on their skin color, dress, or gender, the world might start to be a better place.

Let’s not squander our privilege (whatever that may be for you), because the truth is – if you live in the United States of America you are privileged no matter what others try to tell you.

And before you leave an angry rant, please know that know that this doesn’t solve everything nor do I understand everything. This is just me processing and realizing that there is much hurt and there is much mistreatment and much injustice. I’m saying we find the facts and not react; that we find a way to change for the better…and even in that, we find peace and the ability to love people and value life.

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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1 Response to Injustice

  1. Elaine Bell says:

    Powerful thoughts, Lisa, and beautifully shared. Elaine

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