Going “natural” – L’Bri Cosmetics Review

So, I’ve been searching recently for more natural cosmetics since it’s one thing I can do to treat my body better after putting it through the wringer (so to speak). I’ve used some Arbonne cosmetics, but, while I have loved them, they’re a little more pricy for my budget (although I LOVE their mascara and the creaminess of their eyeliner).

Recently, I heard about L’Bri ‘Pure and Natural‘ and after a recommendation and a tiny bit of research I decided to take the plunge and get rid of my 5+ year old makeup and go a little more natural. The plus side is that they’re having a makeup sale this month and everything was 25% off.

While there are still chemicals in them, there are less on the ‘Top 10 Toxic’ list than my current makeup.

The consultant I connected with was super sweet and sent me some powder and foundation samples since I wasn’t in the same state and helped me with recommendations for colors. I ended up with Naked Rose blush, Light Amber concealer, #28 powder, the Hazel Eyes compact, Tea Rose and Pale Pansy Frost lipstick, and some free samples.

Naked Rose Blush – A little goes a long way! It easily went on my brush and I quickly had to use it on both cheeks as the color went on strong. The color is nice though and goes for a more natural brownish-pink than my current blush (which has sparkle and I don’t mind not having sparkle). 🙂

Light Amber Concealer – The color seemed to work well, although it’s a little more thick in consistency than the Maybelline I currently use so I’ll have to get used to that.

Hazel Eye Shadow Compact – They have different consistencies with the colors as some are matte, creme, or something-or-other. I found the Smoked Khaki color went on thick as I only put a little on my brush and found I had a very dark grey on my eye. Having put only a little on the brush, I was surprised and used the rest on the other eye. However, it blended in well. Ultimately, the colors worked for a natural smokey-ish eye (if you can call my makeup prowess that – ha!) although I probably would have chosen a darker brown than the Creme Glow/Nude (whichever is their middle shade).

#28 Powder – I hate foundation and since my skin tone is very even, I just use a light powder dusting. The foundation sample I tried didn’t work so well but then, I probably have no idea how to apply it and that could have been the problem. The powder seemed to go on like my current powder and blended well.

Tea Rose Lipstick – I chose this one because I thought it would be a little more brown and fit with my skin tone. It actually ended up being more coral on me than I had anticipated and I’m not quite used to such a strong color. The lipstick went on very smooth. I later tried the Pale Pansy Frost color and it was pinker but not super light.

Brown-Black Eyeliner – It’s definitely a dark brown and while it goes on fine, it’s not as creamy smooth as I’d like it.

Overall, I had a slight tingling sensation on my cheeks (This is why I go for more sensitive skin and natural makeup) that eventually went away. The consultant mentioned that sometimes when you mix cosmetics lines this happens. I’ll have to try it all again tomorrow and see if the same thing happens.

Here’s a picture for you to compare. The first one is with Tea Rose lipstick, the second is a couple hours later when I decided to try the Pale Pansy Frost since I had no color on my lips after lunch. I also gave you two lighting (indoor/outdoor) so you can tell the difference in that as well.


Update: So, I’ve decided that I really do like the makeup and managed to make this frugal gal toss her ridiculously old stuff. However, what is selling me is their skin care. With all my travels and harsh exposure to my face, while some people think it’s still baby skin, it’s not! I was quite impressed that after a week of using the sample my face looks better and after one use of their facial mask my enlarged cheek pores reduced! I’ve been using coconut oil with essential oils for months and that hasn’t happened. If you want to order samples yourself, go to www.lisaelam.lbri.com

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    You really do cover every subject out there on your blogs! I’ve never seen this before!

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