Keto results after 2.5 months

Well, we’ve finished our tenth week of Keto and we decided to seriously contemplate the continuation of it. We’ve both experienced some odd dizziness and being stopped up. Then we looked at our month one and month two results. After loosing eight pounds (me), it took me a month and a half to slowly loose 3.4 pounds and that was with counting calories and cutting back. All the inches the second month were comparable with the first.

So, total, I’ve lost 11.4 pounds, 1.5 inches in the waist, 2 inches in my hips, and 2 inches in my belly. While I’m pleased with the results, the negative effects of the diet and slow results lead me to believe that continuing to cut calories and leaving out sugar will work just as well.

I don’t think the high-fat only diet works well for me. I also miss fruit like crazy! We’re going to start adding things back in to see what might be irritating and causing the pain and inflammation I deal with. However, we’ve both decided to keep sugar out of our diets. It’s insidious and sneaky – in food and health negatives!

Up next? Reading “Trim Healthy Mama” to see if it has any tips and what it’s about.

About Traveling Mosaic

I'm on a journey in this world, hence the "Traveling" part of the name. My life is also made up of pieces that, when the Master completes it, will be a beautiful Masterpiece, hence "Mosaic."
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