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Materialism and the Missionary Complex

As I prepare to move to another state and am slowly packing boxes, I am amazed at all the “stuff” I have. My mom put it best when she asked me the other day “You used to be able to … Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence

This isn’t an easy post to write, and it’s been siting in “draft” for a while – both in my head and on my blog. Some people have heard bits and pieces of this story, some people have been trusted … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, friends

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was standing on Ethiopian soil. Well, technically, at this time I would have been in the airport and drinking the last good macchiato I’ve had since then, waiting for my flight … Continue reading

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When God says “Stay.”

Two and a half years ago, before I left for Africa, I felt in my spirit that this day would come. And, it has. God’s saying “Lisa, stay.” As in, stay in the USA; stop traveling and relearn life in … Continue reading

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Snap, Crackle, Pop means Rest

Sometimes, it seems that life is just crashing around you. You try to move forward but find a door slammed shut. Frustration sets in as you’re just not sure what to do because every effort to move forward is thwarted. I … Continue reading

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Finding completion

Since I’ve been back in the USA I’ve had lots of questions that either I struggle to answer or just have to tell the person to pick a different question as I didn’t have an answer or couldn’t emotionally handle … Continue reading

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Rootless wanderings

I’ve been in a “funk” the past few months that crescendoed like one of Beethoven’s symphonies and crashed like Niagara Falls. (Yes, I’m going for epic descriptions right now). As I’ve processed and pondered why I’ve reached this point I’ve come up … Continue reading

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Finding Wholeness

I sat on my porch drinking Kenyan “shai” while pondering life and what I was reading. Well, more specifically, pondering the freedom I’ve found in Christ and how cultures and travels have effected that. It’s a topic that’s been coming … Continue reading

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Dear single person,….

You are about to embark upon an adventure as you prepare to serve overseas in God’s big, beautiful world. Nine years ago I was standing where you were, preparing for the unknown. When I was preparing, there seemed to be … Continue reading

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Clearing the thistles

I admit, reading the Old Testament prophets is not a place I usually find inspiration and vision. But today, reading about God’s justice “rolling like a river” (Amos 5:24), I also saw how He always left hope at the end. … Continue reading

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