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It’s been a while…

I had a lovely hiatus from writing and daily life as I spent the month of July in the USA visiting family and friends while staying incredibly busy.  Having spent three days traveling back to Ethiopia and most of yesterday in … Continue reading

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When being late makes you…

…late! What a topsy-turvey day. I’m writing this as I’m flying over the US/Canada border and Lake Erie (?) and I’m finally on my last flight home. I’ve been on three continents today and I’m afraid to calculate how long … Continue reading

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The Nine Year Nomad

I was scrolling through my friends list on Facebook a while back and had the realization that some of my friends are still living in the town in which they were born and went to school in. There are even … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye….again

The past three weeks I’ve spent in Nairobi with my 25+ brothers. Instead of writing about what I’ve been learning, I’ve just been enjoying the moment, the conversations, and the fellowship. But now, it’s time. Again. It’s time to say … Continue reading

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I’d rather be pregnant

Yup, that thought crossed my mind in the short break I had before the pain continued. I figured in the two and a half hours of excruciating, writhing pain with no end in sight (at the moment) giving birth had … Continue reading

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Sand between my toes

I needed to get out. The introverted, tired side of me said to stay. The extroverted side was tired of one day cooped up in a room with A/C even if I wasn’t feeling great. But I was tired of … Continue reading

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The African Way

Sitting on the doorstep of my friend’s two room house, I watch the evening roll in. The air cooled and a slight breeze took away the earlier oppressive heat. The stars came out and twinkled as small puffy clouds were … Continue reading

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