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So, this happened….

What does one do when she’s lived in Africa and can’t donate blood? Or when her hair weighs probably half a pound when wet? Oh, and it’s summer and she has neck pain? Donate it! My nieces wheren’t happy with … Continue reading

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Those transition moments

It’s been one month since I returned to the US of A so I thought I’d share with you some of those moments I’ve had as I continue to transition and mentally adjust to living back in my passport country. … Continue reading

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Not Just Another Blog Post Against Yoga Pants

Originally posted on hey sarah beth:
I would like to preface what I am about to write by saying that I almost didn’t write it, mainly out of a fear of being misunderstood. I am not writing this from a…

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Most of my news information from the US comes from my Facebook feed. It tells me who’s playing (and winning/losing) in sports, what the weather is like, and about social issues. It’s a weird, disconnected way to stay connected to … Continue reading

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Dear single person,….

You are about to embark upon an adventure as you prepare to serve overseas in God’s big, beautiful world. Nine years ago I was standing where you were, preparing for the unknown. When I was preparing, there seemed to be … Continue reading

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Sweet, southern comforts

The usual sounds from the Orthodox church across the way quieted and it seemed like the holiday was winding down. As I wrapped up my movie and started to shut down my computer my ear caught a whisper of the … Continue reading

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ReBlogged: more about modesty and women

Well said Nate Pyle! When We Sacrifice a Girl’s Innocence And for those who enjoy satire, here is Micah Murray’s take: What I wish women knew about men

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Run, run, but you can’t hide

It’s always there; sometimes in the open, sometimes hiding. For eleven years it’s been haunting me. I almost subdued it, but it’s not something that can ever be defeated. Once it has you, it holds on for the rest of … Continue reading

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A rant on modesty

To me, it’s an age old debate it seems – Modesty. I grew up in a conservative Christian home and while we were modest, we still wore jeans and shorts (just longer ones at first). Even then, someone complained to … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

Last week I was in Kampala. Out of the meetings and celebrations I had some interesting thoughts. None are really connected, but I thought I’d share. “Nothing for us, without us.” Blind in Uganda while talking with an organization wanting … Continue reading

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