Partnering Together

Partnership gives the idea of working hand-in-hand and supporting one another – it’s not one sided! When it comes to missions, this is important as I can’t go alone nor should I hold all the blessings to myself. I want you to be a part of sending me as your hands and feet and to receive the blessings as well!

Wycliffe is a faith-based mission, meaning I rely up on others that God brings to partner with me through finances, prayer and encouragement. They set a budget for me and hold me accountable to being at 100% of it. They expect me to have a group of people praying for me and for the work being done. Honestly, having worked a “normal” job, I wouldn’t change this as I’ve been amazed how God provides and works! I have an awesome team!

If you are would like to be a part of my team or learn more, let me know! Visit my page on Wycliffe to join my team or sign up to receive updates.

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