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I said goodbye to the Philippines and hopped on a plane to the farthest north I’ve ever gone. Never did I really consider the possibility of traveling to Finland, but I can now say I did. For five days I … Continue reading

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A tap on the shoulder

Sprawled across my bed with my lovely fireplace heater going (hey! it was below 70 degrees!) I scribbled in my journal as I processed through the last two months. Yeah, I’m horrible at journaling but I like to catch up. … Continue reading

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I watched as He started to move my way. For so long I’d watched as He’d been fishing and catching others, but now He was looking at me! And so my summer began as He pulled out different lures and … Continue reading

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Silence is….

…golden, some say. I suppose the busy mothers are ones that really appreciate some silence when they hear clamoring little voices constantly. Others prefer the silence and find it relaxing and rejuvenating. But if you think about it, although it’s … Continue reading

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