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Breaking the Silence

This isn’t an easy post to write, and it’s been siting in “draft” for a while – both in my head and on my blog. Some people have heard bits and pieces of this story, some people have been trusted … Continue reading

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The glories of travel

It’s already dark when I drag my bags down three flights of stairs, across the cobblestone road and to my waiting taxi. So begins yet another journey along with my wonderings of “Why do people think travel is so great?” … Continue reading

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Learning to roll – travel essentials

When one travels as much as I do, one has to learn to “just roll with it.” While I try to pack light yet still be prepared for unknown situations, sometimes you just can’t prepare for everything. So, what are … Continue reading

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The Nine Year Nomad

I was scrolling through my friends list on Facebook a while back and had the realization that some of my friends are still living in the town in which they were born and went to school in. There are even … Continue reading

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Things to remember when traveling

It’s my first day in a week long visit to Kigali, Rwanda. We landed in Entebbe, Uganda on a layover to a shout/trill by a bunch of women travelers/pilgrims follow by a spontaneous African call and response chorus. Made me … Continue reading

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Life is a journey

As I laid on my back on a hintă (porch swing), I watched the clouds passing overhead turn from white to grey while the sun tried to shine through. I could hear my friend, Ada, and her brother picking sour cherries … Continue reading

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Those three little words

You know those three little words? Yeah, the ones that mean so much to someone you care about. The ones a lot of people don’t hear? Well, today has me pondering those three simple words. I….MISS….YOU Oh, did I surprise … Continue reading

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Road trip – part 2

The Ohio story. 🙂 I was visiting with friends from the church I attended in Tampa and because it was cold we decided a fire would be nice. So the husband worked on turning the gas fireplace on while the … Continue reading

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Road trip! part 1

I flew out of cold Florida on Tuesday and arrived in an even colder Indiana – and was greeted by the effects of Hurricane Sandy – slightly amusing that the Floridian went north to experience the hurricane. I got off … Continue reading

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Yup, landbound I am as I mailed off my passport to be renewed. Last year it was to add more pages in case I ended up making more international trips since I was running out of space. This year it expires. … Continue reading

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